ALE Program

What is ALE ?

Ale = Alternative Learning Experience

An ALE provides students with an educational contract to make up a lost academic credit. The process for making up the credit is called an Alternative Learning Experience. A student must be referred by his home high school counselor to be eligible for working on a contract. An ALE contract is not an equivalency credit. The intent of an ALE contract is to allow a student to make up one credit per year without having to withdraw from YV-TECH and return to his/her home high school to complete courses needed for graduation. An ALE contract is not intended for a student who has fallen significantly behind in credits. Students must be making satisfactory progress in their vocational program to be eligible for continued work and completion of the ALE program.

Who is eligible for applying for an ALE contract?

What is the process for applying for aN ALE contract?

When can a student start an ALE contract?

A ALE contract can be started any time after the start of classes. The completion date is determined by the counselor, contract teacher, and the student at the time the contract is started.

What subjects are available for aN ALE contract?

Contracts can be written in history and social studies, English, math, science, art appreciation, some elective classes, and PE. Online courses require computer with interent access. Assignments are to be worked on outside the regular classroom schedule and are not to conflict with a student's responsibilities in his/her classes at their home high school and YV-TECH. Contracts can be written for .17 (1/2 trimester credit); .34 (full trimester credit) or .5 (semester credit). The credit value needed will be determined by the home high school counselor and written into the contract at the time the contract starts.

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