August Director's Message

alt textYV-TECH is off to a great start this year.

We have 846 students in  23 different programs. All the Medical Sciences, Automotive, Cosmetology, Construction Technology, and Law Enforcement classes have waiting lists! We are still accepting students for our other programs offered.

Our students participated in the Sun Fair Parade and are preparing for several public service events. Some senior projects will be helping Children’s Village, the Humane Society, New Vision, Memorial Hospice House, Rod’s House and Operation Harvest.

Finalizing last year, our students earned over 1,800 Tech Prep College credits and received $500,000 in scholarships. Both these numbers are still climbing as students claim their credits and more scholarship monies become available.

Summer school was a success with 500 students earning between .5 and 1.0 credits. This is a great start for freshmen just starting high school. By the time they start their first day of high school, they are already ahead in credits.

The economy in the state of Washington is stabilizing. Small businesses are picking up and government spending is going down. About 77 million workers are over the age of 50, with 8,000-10,000 people a day turning 65. The current workforce will be retiring and we, the educational system, need to have a skilled and knowledgeable workforce ready to take their place. About half of Washington teachers and tradesmen are at retirement age. The top three career clusters are: 1. Medical Sciences-nursing medical assistants, radiology techs, and physical therapist doctors. 2. Computer Science– programmer, network manager, techs, web page designers, security managers and engineers. 3. Home care– from personal care health to cosmetology, to grounds/landscape maintenance. Most of the occupations will require education beyond high school. For every engineer or doctor there will be 20 support positions that will require either two years of a technical or community college education. It is turbulent times here in the Valley, just remember, SUCCESS STARTS HERE AT YV-TECH!

Craig Dwight

Posted August 01, 2014

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