Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?

Students from area high schools, private schools and *GED students 16-20 years old are eligible to attend YV-TECH.

Adults interested in the Digital Media and Dental Assistant classes (ONLY) are also eligible to enroll through Yakima Valley Community College.

A few classes have special requirements or prerequisites, but all classes are open to those who meet those qualifications.

*GED students can be in either in progress of completing GED course or have completed GED course and still attend YV-TECH as long as they are between the ages of 16 and 20.

Can I visit YV-Tech / Sit in on a class?

Absolutely!  You can arrange a visit with your counselor or talk to someone in the office at YV-Tech.

We want all students to know that their program of choice is a good fit for them, so we definitely encourage students to tour the campus and check out all of the programs that we offer.

How does YV-Tech work?

YV-Tech is a part of the Yakima School District and serves over a dozen schools in the valley.

YV-Tech has 2 sessions during the school day and some classes offer an after school session.  The AM session goes from 8:00-10:30AM, the PM session goes from 12:00-2:30PM, and the evening classes 3:00-6:10PM (Mon-Thurs).

Students attend YV-Tech for half of their day, and their home high school for the other half of their day.  

Students must be in good standing at their home high school in order to be enrolled at YV-Tech.

How much does it cost?

FREE for Students from local area high schools, private schools and GED students under the age of 21.

Adult students who are enrolled in the Digtal Media and Dental Assisting classes through Yakima Valley Community College pay tuition as required by YVCC. Financial aid and scholarships can be used as tuition payment.

Can I receive college credit?

YV-Tech works closely with Yakima Valley Community College, Perry Technical Institute and other technical and community colleges to provide advanced placement and credits for high schools students that complete our programs. Currently, over 50 percent of the YV-TECH programs are connected to post secondary training.

What about job placement?

If you want a part-time job during high school or a full-time job following successfully completing your training at YV-TECH, we can help. Throughout the year, employers contact us seeking students to fill job openings. Currently, more than 80% of YV-TECH students find jobs or continue their training in post secondary schools.

How do I enroll?

High school students enroll at YV-TECH by contacting their high school counselor for enrollment information. GED, private and home schooled students may also contact the YV-TECH Student Services Office directly or call (509) 573-5510 for information and/or tours.

YVCC students enrolling in the Digital Media and Dental Assisting classes are to go through the registration office at YVCC. Interested students can contact the Student Services Coordinator (509) 573-5510 at YV-TECH and interview with the instructor prior to enrollment.

What advantages does YV-Tech provide me?

YV-Tech gives you hands on technical skills training that will give you a leg up on the competition trying to get a job in the workforce.  You have the opportunity to get free training while using state of the art equipment in an environment full of other students who are interested in the same material as you.

Many of our programs offer internships or job placement as a part of the curriculum, giving you hands on experience outside of the classroom.  This gives you a great opportunity to build relationships with professionals in the field and obtain invaluable clinical experience for building your resume.

What are other students saying about YV-Tech?
My home school has no school today, does YV-Tech?

YV-Tech follows the Yakima School Calendar.  If your school has no school, but Yakima School District does, YV-Tech students are still expected to be in class.

If Yakima School District has the day off, YV-Tech does not have class.

The same policy goes for school closures - YV-Tech closes only if the Yakima School District is closed.

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