Drones & Automation


This program introduces students to drones and robotic automation.  Students will learn solid modeling, and CNC programming.  They will have access to state-of-the-art computer, laser, and manufacturing labs that provides hands on learning.

Sessions Offered: 8:00-10:30AM / 12:00-2:30PM

Length of Program: 1-2 years

Equivalency Credits:  1 credit Lab Science  or 1 credit Math (Algebra I) 

College Credits:

Certifications / Licensures: 



Career Opportunities: 



 Drones and automation is a new program which combines elements of unmanned vehicle engineering, design, manufacturing, automation, and operation. In a fully equipped machine shop and design lab, students will learn how to identify and solve problems, and communicate solutions. Students will begin by studying and experimenting with the mechanics of machinery using hardware designed to build robots. Students will then learn how to harness electricity to power the motors and sensors in modern machinery. When they are ready, students will put what they have learned to use to explore how machines can be automated, to perform jobs in the workplace.

The backbone of the class is focused on the usage of unmanned vehicles for different commercial purposes. Students will learn to design using 3d modelling, order parts, assemble and operate drones for many uses. Students will become familiar with common engineering tools such as SolidWorks and will have the opportunity to receive SolidWorks Certifications recognized by companies local and worldwide in their engineering and manufacturing departments.

Students will also have opportunities to explore and apply what they have built to real situations. For example, students who choose to focus on agricultural crop monitoring, will have the chance to ask questions of local farmers to help guide their design. When the project is built the class will travel to a farm to survey to perform the job and provide real data.

When students are done with their time at YVTech and the Drones and Automation program, they will have had one of the most eye opening experiences of their school careers. They will learn what it takes to perform in a high tech job; how to act, how to finish a challenging project on time, and how to put their best skills to use in a team to get the job done. Students finishing this program will have experience in many types of professions, from drafting to engineering, graphic design, small electronics, machining, programming, and entrepreneurship. I look forward to seeing your student shape the world around us.

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Program Instructors

Clements See
Clements See

Drones & Automation

Clements See
Clements See

Drones & Automation



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