Computer Technology


Students will develop the knowledge and skills to analyze, troubleshoot, and repair basic electronic circuits. Once students have completed the electronics portion of the course they will be provided with the necessary training to understand the operation of personal computers, software and related peripheral devices. Disk drives, motherboards and other computer hardware will be introduced along with operating systems and networking fundamentals as the students follow an A+ Certification model. Basic web page design in HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop found in Adobe Master Collection CS3 will also be covered to help the student in creating an electronic portfolio.

Business owners, would you like some part time help with computer, networking, web issues? These students can help! Call 573-5562 for more information!

Sessions Offered: 8:00-10:30AM / 12:00-2:30PM

Length of Program: 1-2 years

Equivalency Credits: 1st Year - 1 credit lab science / .5 credit math  -  2nd year - 1 credit geometry

College Credits: 11 credits with YVCC




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